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    Tori Amos
      4 Sterne, aus 2 Fan Reports
  • GENÈVE - Théâtre du Léman


    Magnificent von Preslin, 21.09.17
    A real professional with soul and passion giving it all to her audience. I had never seen Tori Amos live and she was mind blowing. During her opening song, the DJs computer was lagging, with every first beat out of 8 bars or so suffering a light stutter. While it made me cringe at first, she dealt with the situation admirably and seemed totally unfazed, so that I almost forgot about it. A real pro. She is one of a few true artists whose voice and technique are awe inspiring. There are some of her studio recorded songs that I dont particularly love, but even those were transcended in her live performance. While I would love to see her perform with a four-piece band, I could not have asked for more than her, alone, with her piano and keyboards. She was truly amazing. My 6-year old daughter attended the show with me and she loved it as well. Time keeps passing and Tori Amos seems to be surfing it unscathed. She is, IMO, one of the greatest and seeing her live only reinforced this opinion. On top of all that, she seems like such a nice and simple yet strong person. Witnessing such raw power, passion and honesty basically brought tears to my eyes. That was awesome.
  • GENEVE - Theatre de Leman


    Charismatic performer... von Brian1960, 21.09.17
    ... but her music is a seriously acquired taste. If you are not familiar with her music or only familiar with her most successful hits - her music will come as a surprise and possibly not necessarily a pleasant one. Playing two keyboards on each side of her is a skill and she is clearly a talented pianist and vocalist - but I am afraid I did not rush to add to my music library after this event


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